Hi, I’m Julia, a creative director and product designer who loves media and tech. Most recently, I worked on news literacy and trust, designed a WordPress theme for small newsrooms, and created a brandbook and illustration system for a journalism startup.

Case Study

Credibility Indicators A tool to boost news literacy as a way to increase trust in news


The Civil Media Company A sober, reassuring brand for a media company that builds blockchain tools for independent newsrooms


Brand Illustrations for Civil An extensible system of illustrations for use with blog posts and on social media

Wordpress Theme

Civil Theme for Small, Independent Newsrooms An adaptable theme for 11 small, independent newsrooms

Cover Design

The Civilian Magazine Covers for an online magazine for Civil members


Changing New York A personal project in editorial design

Case Study

CareerFoundry User Onboarding I took an onboarding site from wireframes through prototyping and user testing, then I built it with one other developer

Case Study

CareerFoundry Student Dashboard A dashboard to guide and motivate students through their course

Style Guide

CareerFoundry Style Guide A style guide used throughout the CareerFoundry application and marketing collateral


Cocktail Recipe Postcards I designed these illustrated postcards as a personal project. I created the cocktail illustrations in watercolor